The Abduction of Becky Morris

by Alison Crane
Escaped convict kidnaps slightly psychic pregnant woman. In this darkly comic tale a State Trooper's wife embarks on a perilous journey while desperately attempting to save the lives of a tortured man and the baby inside her. Who will survive?


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The cast, crew and production team of The Abduction of Becky Morris owe a huge amount of gratitude to all those that have helped us fund our production for the NYCFringe, please scroll down to see a full list of The Search Party.

are an amazing group of people that have helped us in unimaginable ways.  Some have given money, but all have given something far more precious:  their time.  We could not do this without every single one of you.

David Crane
Debra Ford
Alan & Kaley Crane
Recorded Books
Lee Brasuell
Theatre East
Susan Settle
Lisa Kicielinski
Tiffany Tang
se Perrett
Monah Yancy
Denise Mullen
Tracey Lowe
Ken's Cougars
Chris Presley


The Search Party helped us fund The Abduction of Becky Morris.  No matter what amount you gave, you gave what you could AND every dime helps us out.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Mary McGrew Cunningham Edward Musto
Alan and Kaley Crane Melisa
O.D. and Marian Crane Scott Yambor
David Crane Mary Ruth
Susan Settle Dianne Narum
Jim Cermak Angelica Ribeiro
Jessica Walker Helen Dewey Reikofski
Jonathan Carol A. Christensen
Debra K. Ford Anne and Ed Dalton
Amy Ford S. Rauch
Amanda Levine Kitt Lavoie
Hank Tkachuk Corey Whaley
Chase Perrett Jonathan Starr
Terry L. Pearson Daan
H. Tsatsonis Virginia E. Hench
Jen Bernard Scott Parker
A.J. Cermak Bill Settle
Kate Andres Chris Shelton
Tamlyn Wright Peg Andre
Ben Hall Carol Campbell
Misty Davies Suzanne Maxwell
Roberta Sloan Alyona Maggio
Maggie English Catherine Dalton
Brie Carlson Kari Morris
Sue Ellen Reiman Deborah Rath
Tracey Lowe Cristie Peck
Cindy Larson-Casselton Tiffany Tang
Maria Lahad
Jessica Thompson
Mary Dalton
Jacquelyn M. Burrows
Alyona Maggio
Royce Hill
Hector Delgado
Jennifer McKenzie
Shirin Tinati
Stephanie Stafford Mayhugh
Lee Brasuell
Liliana G.
Mary Bowles
Kathleen A. Ferman
Ann-Marie Smith
Jason Atkinson
Kevin Whitemore

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Creative Partners

We have an amazing team of people supporting The Abduction of Becky Morris.  Please click on their names below and find out more about these talented artists.

 Chris Burke

Farzie Razak

Charles E. Harrill

Matty Pritchard

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